The First Seven Weeks

So "Illustrated Bird" has been out for seven weeks now and things are moving along quite swimmingly. Despite being released in the throes of December, the kiss of death for being acknowledged in the end-of-year polls, we managed to be included on some pretty prestigious lists. #11 in Goldmine Magazine, #56 on Mr. IPO David Bash's Top 125 of 2014, included in SPAZ Schnee's Choice Picks for 2014, and #10 on Mike Baron's The Bloody Red Baron's 10 Best Pop Music of 2014 among others. Also we have been blown away with the positive reviews the release has seen - hop over to the reviews section to see for yourself. Finally we have been played on internet and real radio in Michigan, California, Oregon, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Sweden, Scotland, and Spain. We'd like to say thank you to all who have listened to, spun, bought, or taken the time to review "Illustrated Bird".

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