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Pop Geek Heaven

Touch of McCartney in “November” while “I’ll Get Over It” has some of that Nillson magic.  Four and a half stars.

Broken Hearted Toy

The Hangabouts...have embedded complicated emotions beneath the fetching melodies and intricate harmonies... there’s also a undercurrent of humor running throughout the album.

Something Else!

the Hangabouts...snappy pop songs evoke essential aspects of their ancestors without bowing down to mindless mimicry. A strong sense of originality, teamed with off-kilter curves allow the duo’s attentively constructed material to exist in a timeless realm

The Review

The thirteen songs simultaneously harken back and push us forward into a new old AM radio dream of love that, I for one would rather not awaken from. Lost love, lullabies and lone birds of a feather have never been so ready to cheer us up.

Pure Pop Radio

You’ll hear influences from far (America) to wide (The Lilac Time, the Red Button and the Byrds) that help to bring some infectious melodies to life. Dreamy.

Pop That Goes Crunch!

Peaceful easy feelings abound on this collection of thirteen slices of flawlessly executed melodic pop that will soothe the savage soul, or at least tame the savage commute.

Power Popaholic

The easy going songwriting style and conversational lyrics are highly reminiscent of Fountains of Wayne or The Davenports on gems like “Go To Sleep” and “Roman Forum."  8 out of 10


Grade A.  The Illustrated Bird is swimming in gentle vocals, bunches of soothing melodies and a mellow vibe that never feels boring or repetitive.

"Lots of pleasure buttons"  Bill DeMain of Swan Dive who graciously let us quote him. Dec 2014